Chinese class- Experience learning one of the most difficult languages in the world. Learn some useful Chinese words to help you on your travels through China. Basic introduction into the tonal aspects of the Chinese language, the way Chinese think, and how it is reflected in their language. This will be lead by a professional Chinese teacher in an easy going atmosphere.

Kung Fu class- Experience some basic postures and movements from the most ancient martial art in the world; exercises which strengthen both body and mind. Experience how these practices connect with the Chinese philosophy and culture.

Kundalini Yoga- Begin a morning with a fresh and new start with Kundalini Yoga. This special exercise combines meditation, prayer, physical practices and breathing exercises. It is a dynamic, powerful tool for expanding awareness and to help improve our body’s vitality.

Calligraphy- Explore the art of writing Chinese characters which has a history of several thousand years. Learn about the development of the characters and the different styles of calligraphy. This session will end with an opportunity to try your hand at this ancient and delicate art.

Tea Culture- Understand why the Chinese so highly regard tea. Learn about the historical importance of tea, as well as its continued use in modern Chinese culture. Participate in the ancient tea ceremony used to prepare and drink the tea. You will sit with a tea master who will instruct you how to drink and appreciate each type of tea like a true connoisseur. You will learn about the health benefits each tea can offer. The leaf is often regarded as the first Chinese medicine. By the end of this experience, you will be able to prepare the tea yourself using ancient Chinese methods.

Chinese Cooking class- This unique experience will start with a visit to the local food market, which will reveal a huge variety of vegetables, fruits and meat. When we get back from the market we will start cooking our meal, Chinese style, in the most authentic way. And of course after our efforts we will enjoy ourselves with this great meal. Bon appétit!

(Chinese dao)

A term in Chinese philosophy which is used in Daoism, a major Chinese philosophical and religious tradition. The word can be literally translated as way, path or direction. It is used philosophically to signify the fundamental or true nature of the world. One of the translations of the first passage in the "Dao De Jing", the Daoist canon is: "The Way that can be expressed is not the everlasting way. Names that can be named are not eternal names".

Dear Gil, it was a great honor to have a guide like you. Your amazing knowledge, your care for each one of us…. And we should say, we are lucky to have an "ambassador" like you in China.
Ruthie V.