About Us The guide: Gili shiner

Gili Shiner, from Haifa, Israel, is an experienced guide, teacher and explorer of South East Asia and its culture. He received two BAs in East Asian studies and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Gili has been living, studying and working in China and East Asia for the past nine years. Based in Yunnan, he has extensive experience guiding trips all over China, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Gili is deeply involved in the culture. For many years he has been both studying, and living it. From the age of five, Gili studied Yoga and Martial arts, specializing in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu’s Hung Gar style. For the past 14 years Gili has been teaching Kung Fu, and recently has been focusing on meditative practices.

Besides Gili, you will have the opportunity to study from other experts, westerners as well as Chinese, who live in Yunnan, masters their arts, and be deeply involved in the Chinese language and culture.

For the traveler who wants something different

Our trips are truly unique. More than just checking off a new place on a map, these trips are designed for the traveler who really wants to explore. In order to keep the high standard and quality that makes these trips so special, each trip is limited to intimate, small groups. Our trips uniquely give travelers a genuine grasp of the local experience. This means, we prefer smaller, more authentic, less touristy and less crowded sites and activities.

The route, the hotels, and all services are thoroughly checked and guaranteed to be high quality. We also custom tailor each trip according to the interests and physical abilities of the group members, as well as the weather and season.

(Chinese: fo, English: Buddha)

Buddha is the Indian spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism. The term Buddha (Sanskrit: “Enlightened One”) is a title rather than a name, and Buddhists believe that there are infinite number of past and future Buddhas. The historical Buddha, referred to as the Buddha Gautama or Buddha Shakyamuni (sage of the Sakayas), is suggested to have lived between 563BC-483BC in the area of the India- Nepal border. Buddhism arrived in China around the 1st century CE from Central Asia; in the 8th century China became an extremely active center of Buddhism.

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