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An unforgettable chance to explore the amazingly rich landscape, culture, and people of Yunnan province.

A unique experience of china, something deeper, something more authentic:

  1. A holistic approach to seeing and experiencing China. Aside from traveling, we will give you the experience of living there…
  2. Experienced guides with a deep understanding and appreciation for the local environment, language, and culture.
  3. A variety of activities will provide participants with the chance to see Yunnan’s people, philosophy and culture, all in the land where it originated.


(Chinese: gongfu, English: kung fu)

A term which refers to the Chinese martial arts. Among its meanings: art, skill, time, work. The term suggests that in order to master an art one should spend both time and effort. When Chinese say somebody has good “gongfu”, they mean that they appreciate his great skill in a given art, such as cooking, painting, carpentry etc.

China’s impressions are still deep in my heart, and you played a major role in the success of this impressive trip. I enjoyed the Chinese philosophy and your approach to life a lot as well as your courage in following your own path in life. Hope to meet again in China.
Tzili Z.

Off the beaten path: We will take you to places most tour groups simply do not go.

Traditional Eastern Body-Mind practices which are unique to this part of Asia: Kung Fu, Yoga, Qi Gong Meditation and Tai Chi.

Explore the Dao- Chinese language, calligraphy, tea culture and traditional minority music.

Relying on a well coordinated network of Chinese and foreign cultural experts throughout Yunnan, we will show you first hand these cultural treasures as practiced by local masters.